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About Us

Leather is more than a business to our family. It is the magnet holding a great, big family together for generations. We approach leather with care, love and respect. Having different generations of people working on leather helped us carve a unique perspective.

The first generation knows the roots of the leather work. They did most things manually. They started everything and created a legacy. The new generation was born into this legacy as well as technology. They worked on digital products, created different businesses and came back to their true passion.

So, now we have the best of both worlds and using that advantage to produce top quality, stylish and modern garments.


70's... Discovering Istanbul 

From Kars, the East border of Turkey, our grandfather comes to Istanbul to do business around 70's. He works on various different domains and finally decides to return to his hometown to continue what he does the best: stock breeding. After a few years working on stock breeding, oldest son of our grandfather, Tahsin, decides to come to Istanbul and start his own business

80's... Getting Started with Leather

Tahsin tries his luck in different sectors but quickly realizes that the best thing he can do is to work on leather. He starts the leather work from scratch. He was familiar with leather thanks to his time at stock breeding business back home. So, he starts with selling hides. His natural talent to pick the best hide for any given product helps him grow his business.

After some years of selling hides, Tahsin decides to bring his brothers on board to expand the business from selling hides to manufacturing and selling leather goods. Since he is a big believer of craftsmanship, he asks his 3 brothers to get experienced in 3 major areas: Tannery, Atelier and Customer Relations.

90's... Full-Fledged Leather Company

Years go by and finally 4 brothers feel ready to join forces. Now, they have all the expertise needed to establish a full-fledged leather business. They start with an atelier and a store of their own. They also establish a partnership with a major tannery. Business grows and they expand their facilities and decide to open stores abroad. In the meantime, one of the brothers decide to go all in with tannery and moves to the city of Izmir to become one of the biggest tanners in Turkey.

2000's... Second Generation in the Business

This time brothers on-board their children to the business. But before doing that, they ask the children to follow a similar path to themselves. First, their children work for their company during summers to get a feeling of leather craftsmanship. Then they ask them to go work in different domains to be able to bring a fresh perspective to the family business if they ever want to be involved.

Thanks to this plan, second generation possess a variety of expertise from digital and industrial design to engineering and social psychology as well as leather craftsmanship. So, now they join forces with each other and with the "founding fathers" to take the business next level with human centered design and technology.


We want this company to exist for hundreds of years. And we are very aware that this can only be done with a sustainable and timeless approach. So, we are focusing on environment friendly manufacturing and minimalist, timeless design. Leather industry gained a bad reputation because of some particular countries where there is almost no regulation to bring factories in line. But this is never the case for Turkey. Turkey is known for high quality and affordable leather production. We build up on this and favor vegetable tanning.

Vegetable Tanning

Vegetable tanning is the process of turning skin into hide using vegetable, fruit and tree essences. This way, there is no toxic waste produced and leather is much more durable thanks to an organic and natural way of tanning.

Timeless Material, Timeless Design

But vegetable tanning is not the only way leather helps with sustainability. Leather is a very durable material and with our timeless designs Wrot products become lifelong belongings. This also highlights the biggest problem with the fast fashion trends. Both design and material wise, it is impossible to use a fast fashion (almost all the global brands you can think of are in fast fashion) brand's product more than a year or even couple months. However, a leather product gets more and more beautiful and personal with every time you use it. It adapts to your posture, your skin patterns and how you take care of it. 

Social Responsibility

The third pillar in our plan to exist for hundreds of years is supporting the community we are in. For this purpose, we are in process of collaborating with NGO's to help refugees make a living by providing them with an opportunity to work from their homes. That's important because since refugees do not have the same work permits as citizens they have trouble making a living. So, the work should be easy enough to do without any expertise and still be valuable. That's where leather comes into play. We make use of leftover leather by turning them into simple and cute figures. This way we both enable refugees and upcycle leather.

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